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More than 75 years providing flavour for breakfasts and snacks around the world.

Idilia Foods is a Spanish food company, founded in 1945 in Barcelona. ColaCao, one of Idilia’s most important brands, is Spain’s leading soluble cocoa brand and has been part of the breakfasts of generations of families for more than 75 years. It is one of the most loved food brands in the country and every second more than 50 glasses of milk with ColaCao are enjoyed in Spain.

ColaCao is linked closely to sport and promotes values such as teamwork
and the rewards associated to hard work, as well as healthy lifestyle habits.

ColaCao is also strongly committed to social causes through the ColaCao Foundation,
created in 2022, with special focus on eradicating bullying.

Nocilla, another of Idilia’s most important brands, is Spain's leading cocoa and hazelnut spread brand.
It was created in 1968 and has been category leader ever since.

Innovation forms part of Nocilla’s DNA and the brand is constantly looking for new proposals to surprise consumers and has successfully made the leap to other product categories, such as Cookies and ice creams.

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Cocoa powder mix range.

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Cocoa and hazelnut spread, spread-filled snacks and cookies range.

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Traditional thick hot chocolate range.

Our commitment:
The ColaCao Foundation

Since its beginnings, ColaCao has always promoted the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of children. The creation of the ColaCao Foundation represents a further step towards this goal, thanks to its social projects against bullying.