Idilia Foods, a leading company in the Spanish food sector, views environmental protection and the fight against climate change as a strategic process that is integrated into all its activities for the continuity of the company.

The Idilia Foods Management considers it a priority to develop this Environmental Policy through their Environmental Management System, the main objective of which is to commit to doing business within the parameters of sustainable development, controlling and managing the environmental aspects of the relevant interested parties, especially the most significant ones.

In this regard, Idilia Foods has established and promotes the following basic principles, which shall govern all the organisation's actions:

  • The Company Management shall assume an active and present leadership as an inherent component of its hierarchical responsibility, responsible for leading environmental initiatives, ensuring the relevant standards are adhered to throughout the line of command while providing support to other relevant roles.
  • Definition of Environmental Management objectives and performance monitoring to achieve continuous improvement of the environmental management system, with the maximum involvement of the entire organisation.
  • Compliance with legal and other requirements as well as own procedures and instructions.
  • To ensure the protection of the environment, working in a respectful way, preventing pollution and minimising the environmental effects produced as a result of the activity we carry out.
  • Encourage implementation of the best possible technology available to help mitigate climate change and make it possible to minimise our environmental footprint, making a sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Establish indicators and reporting systems that provide objective information on the environmental impact of our activity.
  • Promote adequate and continuous training, information and motivation programmes to raise awareness among employees of the risks and impacts derived from their work, the importance of these and how to prevent them, including suggestions for improvement proposed by them in order to promote continuous improvement.
  • Define concrete and measurable objectives and targets within an environmental programme, and review the level of achievement of these on an annual basis or more frequently.
  • Respect nature and biodiversity in the environments in which our workplaces are located.

Compliance and enforcement of this Policy is everyone's responsibility, which is why your collaboration is invaluable and needed in order to achieve our environmental objectives.

Xavi Pons Pes
CEO Idilia Foods SL
Barcelona, 15 June 2020